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„I enjoy many aspects of my work at Redlink. For instance, it constantly presents exciting and diverse challenges. We work with cutting-edge technologies. Rarely will you find the same solution applicable to a problem more than once. Additionally, we have a great working atmosphere and an amazing team spirit within the company!“
Sebastian Strumegger
Solution Engineer, Teamlead
„Redlink is only as good as its team. Each and every individual is a crucial building block for our success!“
Dr. Thomas Kurz
CEO, Search Expert
„I started working at Redlink to gain practical experience while studying, and it was a very good decision. I have the opportunity to contribute to interesting projects, but also to pursue my own interests and continue learning.“
Julia Mayrhauser
Software developer, student
„Redlink promotes a culture of flat hierarchies. You can reach out to anyone at any time and ask any question. Moreover, it's possible to work on multiple projects, and if you're looking for a new challenge, it's not a problem to switch to a different project for a while.“
Markus Ebner
Frontend Architect, UX Design

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Thomas Kurz: CEO
Carina Feneberger: Assistent
Rupert Westenthaler: Solution Architect, Recruiting
Jakob Frank: CTO
Andreas Gruber: Business Development
Harun Samardžić: Solution Engineer
Julia Mayrhauser: Solution Engineer
Dominik Kuhn: Solution Engineer
Sebastian Strumegger: Solution Architect
Manuel Schrempf: Solution Engineer
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Stefan Esterer: Solution Architect
Markus Ebner: Ftonend Architect, UX
Christoph Leitner: Solution Engineer
Isabella Aigner: Frontend Development, Grafic Design, UI/UX
Daniil Barkov: Solution Engineer
Florentin Posch: Solution Engineer
Jan Cortiel: Solution Engineer
Patrick Adelmann: Solution Engineer
Mikolaj Luzak: Solution Engineer